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The Herr Wilhelm Morgann's Blue Hungarian band

The words of Moira Bonnington...

My cousin, whose father later became the leader of the band, showed me the remnants of a concert programme with a copy of a letter printed on the reverse as a sort of reference cum review from the theatre manager of the Tynemouth Palace and Winter Garden and dated 2nd September 1899 and saying that they were by far the best and most popular band to perform there. I believe the man in the photo is the elder of the two   Haarnack  brothers who were my great great uncles. Harry ( Henry ) Haarnack. George Haarnack went on to become the leader of the band which called itself Herr Willhem Morgan's Blue Hungarian Band or Herr Wilhelm Morgann's White Hungarian Band or Herr Wilhelm Morgan's Viennese band. With the onset of the First World War the band discarded the Hussar uniforms in favour of dinner jackets and bow tiesand they continued to perform as Mr Haarnack's orchestra until the 1930s.
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